Shopping Tips

Builder Grade

We offer Builder Grade material, which may be referred to as "B" grade in our store.  What this means is that %5 - %10 of the tile will have some sort of defect -- you can use these tiles for your cuts.  Defects can Consist of Chips, Pimples, Bald Spots, Bow, and or Irregular shape. These products can save you %50 or more without loosing quality in durability.

First Quality

First Quality tile, while better than "B" grade can still contain irregularities, although they'll be very minimal.  The most common are the rectangular shapes which need to be installed properly according to the Manufacture guidelines due to natural crowning.

Porcelain Tile

Tile flooring is made from a couple different materials, Ceramic and Porcelain.  Ceramics are soft, absorbent, and often crack or wear down quickly.  This is why we at Flooring Liquidators focus on stocking and selling porcelain tile, which is the most durable material used in the tile industry.